Most frequent questions and answers

Bill Pellegrini started in the insurance business in 1998 as an independent producer. Pellegrini & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, Pellegrini & Associates has had the pleasure to work with thousands of clients and hundreds of agents. Our years of experience and expertise provide our agent partners with the information they need to be successful. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals whose primary focus is to provide excellent service with professionalism and integrity. 

A Field Marketing Organization (FMO) or a National Marketing Organization (NMO) offers insurance products and services to insurance agents or agencies.  Most of the large insurance carriers require agents to work through an FMO to obtain their products because they prefer to contract with agents or agencies that can meet profitability and volume requirements.  Pellegrini and Associates has been awarded the FMO status from all major national carriers. 

Pellegrini and Associates represents the most reputable national Medicare carriers in the industry.  We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive portfolio of carriers and are constantly researching and evaluating new products and latest trends to find the best plans for our agents. 

First, Pellegrini and Associates does not hold our Agents captive.  We encourage our Agents to expand their offerings and get the contracts you need for your market.  We will support your choices and help you figure out the most reputable plans to carry for your clients. 

Pellegrini and Associates does not hold your money hostage and instead has you work directly with our carriers to get compensated by them.  We feel this is the most efficient and effective way to ensure your commissions are paid to you in a timely manner.   We do not charge any fees or overhead.  We are only compensated by the carriers when you sell and you receive 100% of the commissions you earn. 

At Pellegrini and Associates we are dedicated to your success!  We have a variety of support services that can result in leads, from comprehensive educational programs, training webinars and a myriad of marketing materials. We warn our agents against the notion of “free leads” which oftentimes results in deceitful practices and hidden fees.  Instead, P&A works with partners on exclusive opportunities like in-store kiosks, Provider clinics and quality carrier leads. 

Pellegrini and Associates is very unique in the FMO world because it was built by an agent for Agents.  We aren’t marketers telling you how to sell insurance, we’re licensed insurance Agents showing you how to market.  We provide the best hands-on support of any FMO out there!  You are never a number to us, instead you are a member of our family.  When you call, we pick up the phone!  We have built a trusted reputation amongst our carriers and agents to do the right thing for you and the client.  We offer intense hands-on support from licensed insurance agents who know your business and know what it takes to sell.  We were founded by an Agent for Agents!

First, you will need your life/health insurance license. If you are with an agency, then a State Agency license is required.  When you choose to contract with us the process is easy and we guide you through it every step of the way.  It usually takes about a month from the time you contact us to be ready to sell.  However, it really depends on how quickly you complete your contracts and certifications as well.  We do have some carriers where you are able to contract within 48 hours, but most take a few weeks.

We contract with both!  We have many independent insurance agents working with us who have become highly successful.  Some of the top nation’s top selling agents work with P&A.  We also welcome and encourage agencies to join and will help you develop a down-line if you choose to recruit and add agents under you.  You will always own and maintain 100% of your business while contracting with P&A.

More than 50 million people are currently enrolled in Medicare with 11,000 people entering the market every day.  This means agents can sell all year and are not restricted to AEP, which happens from October 15th – December 7th.  However, during AEP every Medicare eligible person can change plans and that makes it a very competitive environment.  The commissions are the highest for new-to-Medicare client plans and many pay life-time renewals.  Selling Medicare provides a steady income now and in the future.  Residual income is the key to this business!