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P&A Awarded National Marketing Organization Level with Lasso Healthcare

Pellegrini and Associates, a leading Field Marketing Organization (FMO) in the Medicare insurance industry, has been awarded National Marketing Organization (NMO) status by Lasso Healthcare.   There are currently 6 Lasso NMOs nationally and P&A is proud to be recognized at this level.  

The role of the FMO is to recruit and train agents to sell various insurance products.  Many carriers require agents to contract with an NMO/FMO to sell their plans and then the carriers compensate the NMO/FMO when the agents sell plans.  NMOs/FMOs are responsible for providing agents with the support and services they need to be successful. 

FMO – Field Marketing Organization

A Field Marketing Organization (FMO) is the same level as an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO).  FMOs are licensed to sell health insurance products in most states.  They work with hundreds to thousands of agents and multiple carriers throughout the US. 

Most FMO contracts are direct with carriers and FMOs are able to offer agents contracts that provide higher than street-level commissions. Agents who work with an FMO may have production requirements they have to meet to maintain their commission levels. Those who wish to leave an FMO usually have to request a release from the FMO. 

IMO – Independent Marketing Organization

An independent marketing organization (IMO) is basically the same as an FMO. IMOs tend to be smaller than FMOs and may not be able to pay agents as much in commission as some FMOs. Like FMOS, IMOs tend to be licensed to sell multiple carrier products in multiple states.

NMO — National Marketing Organization

A National Marketing Office (NMO) is a term FMOs and IMOs use when they reach certain levels with carriers.  FMOs and IMOs can be an FMO organization. Most FMOs carry contracts nationally. 



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